LB Sportsuse Focus X2 video analysis software

Focus X2 analysis software solutions have been specifically designed to used in any sport. The flexible, easy-to-use design enables both tactical  and technical aspects of performance to be analysed more effectively  than ever before. b3

Focus X2 is one of the world’s most popular video analysis software solutions and is already used by coaches and educators in more than 70 countries to develop individual and team performance.

Focus provides a range of unique and powerful analysis tools that allow the coach to;

  • ‘tag’ and then interactively view any aspect of individual or team performance of interest.
  • automatically create ‘Highlights’ movies of any aspect of performance
  • Automatically generate invaluable statistical data.

How Focus X2 works:

Focus allows you to import your performance video and then utilise the simple ‘category set’ facility to quickly ‘tag’ and enter events that you are interested in. You have complete control over your Category set and can design it to analyse absolutely any aspect of performance.

The clever bit is that once you have entered your events, you can instantly access and interactively view any aspect of performance that you are interested in. You can also then automatically generate ‘Highlights’ movies of any groups of events and share these online or by copying onto a DVD.

You can even ‘live tag’ in Focus, entering events while your video is being imported from your camera!